Thread repair


Here we explain in four steps how a damaged thread can be repaired with a wire thread insert or thread repair kit at low cost. Thread repair is possible for everyone. All thread sizes can be professionally repaired.

After repairing with the thread repair kit, the new thread is often more resistant than the old thread. It is also possible to use a thread with a thread insert in materials such as aluminium or plastic, which are very soft. Then you have a very robust thread at your disposal.


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Thread Repair Kit

Picture - Thread repair kit

Content from left to right:

- Special drill

- Taps

- Wire thread inserts

- Installation tool

- Tenon crusher



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Thread Repair in 5 Steps!

1. Drilling

The damaged thread must be drilled out with the appropriate twist drill.


2. Thread Cutting

The thread for the wire thread insert must be cut with the appropriate special tap. In order to achieve an optimum result, a cutting oil should be used. The tap must always be turned in the opposite direction so that the chips produced break off.


3. Insert Thread Insert

Place the threaded insert on the appropriate installation tool so that the pin is in the groove opening. Screw the wire thread insert into the workpiece flush with the installation tool. Attention! Do not turn it against the running direction, as this may cause the pin to break off.


4. Tenon Crusher

After installing the threaded insert, remove the journal driver with the appropriate journal breaker. Alternatively, the journal can also be broken out with a pair of pointed pliers.



If you want to buy a cheap thread repair kit, you will find it here.



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