Metric Wrench Sizes Internal Serration (TX)


The internal multi-tooth screw drive has the shape of a six-beam star with the beams rounded off. The flanks run parallel to each other, so that no forces act axially to the screw. No pressing force is required to push the tool out of the screw head during the screwing process. Due to the rounded beams there are no notch effects in the profile. Very high torques can be transmitted.


The tools are marked with a T followed by a number (e.g.: T10, T15, T20,...).


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Metric Wrench Sizes Internal Serration (TX) Chart



Wrench Sizes (TX)
Thread Sizes

DIN 912

(Socket Head)

DIN 7985

(Button Head)

DIN 7991

(Flat Head)

M2 T6 T6 T6
M2,5 T8 T8 T8
M3 T10 T10 T10
M3,5 T15 T10  
M4 T20 T20 T20
M5 T25 T25 T25
M6 T30 T30 T30
M8 T45 T40 T45
M10 T50 T50 T50
M12 T55   T55
M14 T60    
M16 T70    
M18 T80    
M20 T90    

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