Drill Glass

If you want to drill a hole in glass, you have to drill very carefully. It can quickly happen that the glass cracks or breaks. But don't worry, if you take a few things into account, you can also make a hole in the glass. Since glass is very sharp-edged when it breaks and you can easily injure yourself as a result, the safety measures described below should be observed.


Drill Glass Instruction

First you have to mark the place where you want to drill the hole. This can be done with a piece of tape or paint crepe. The tape prevents the drill from slipping off and you can mark the exact position of the hole on it.


To drill a hole in glass you need a glass drill, this is especially suitable to drill a hole in glass. You can buy a glass drill here cheaply..


Drill with low speed and exert little pressure on the glass. This will prevent you from accidentally slipping with the drill and scratching the glass. It is often better to start with a smaller drill and gradually drill the hole with larger drills. This minimizes the pressure on the glass when drilling. Since glass is very hard, the drilling location must be cooled during the drilling process. Otherwise the drill would be very hot and damaged. A little oil is best suited for cooling, a drop is usually sufficient.


TIP! On the side where you drill or place the drill, you get a clean hole and on the side where the drill exits, the hole is probably a bit splintered.


Ssafety Precautions

When drilling glass, you should always take certain safety precautions to protect yourself.

  • Wear safety glasses (to protect eyes from splinters).
  • Wear gloves (protect hands from splinters)
  • Wear a breathing mask (glass dust can damage the lungs).

It goes without saying that you should ensure sufficient space and a safe stand when drilling!