Drill Concrete


If you want to drill into concrete or stone you need a stone drill. Masonry drills can drill through even hard materials such as concrete, stone, masonry, tiles or granite due to their special structure and tip made of hard metal plates. Who would like to drill into a wall or would like to drill into stone, needs as a tool a percussion drill or a drill hammer.


masonry drill
masonry drill



Masonry drill features:


Tip:              wedge-shaped, made of tungsten carbide


Cutting:       two blunt cutting edges


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If you want to drill a hole in a wall, you should not start by drilling with the punch function. Only when the drill has penetrated the material for the first few millimetres and you are sure that you can no longer slide off with the drill, should you switch on the impact function. If you drill at the beginning without impact function, it is easier to put the drill hole exactly on the marking and the drill hole edge does not crumble out so easily. If you do this, you will get a good drilling result.


Tip! In order not to drill too deep, a depth stop on the drill helps or you mark the depth on the drill with some adhesive tape.


When you have finished drilling, vacuum the hole in the wall or stone with a vacuum cleaner. Then place the dowel and fix the desired screw in it.



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