Drill Wood

 As the name suggests, a wood drill is the best way to drill wood. Whether hardwood, plywood, chipboard or other wood materials.


Wood Drill, Wood Drill with centering Tip
Wood Drill with centering Tip



Wood Drill features


Tip:              Centering Tip


Cutting:        Two sharp cutting edges





The special feature of the wood drill is that the cutting edges on the outer edge of the wood drill first touch or cut the wood during the drilling process. This cuts the edge of the borehole first and prevents the wood fibres from leaving the borehole too far. The result is a clean borehole.


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Pre-drilling Wood Screws

If you ask yourself the question: "pre-drill or not pre-drill", you can be sure that pre-drilling is always better. Pre-drilling avoids that the wood into which the screw is screwed does not crack or even burst completely.

For pre-drilling, the core diameter of the screw is decisive for a wood screw. As shown in the picture on the left, this is determined with a caliper gauge. In order to determine the core diameter correctly, in this case a measurement is made between the cutting edge of the screw.



Drilling Wood with a Metal Drill

You want to drill a hole in a piece of wood and you don't have the right wood drill. No problem, if you only want to drill a hole in wood from time to time, you can also do this with a metal drill. A metal drill also has two sharp edges and is therefore similar to a wood drill. In order to achieve a good drilling result one should consider however the following. You should place another piece of wood under the workpiece to be machined so that the drill can penetrate it. This prevents the drill hole from fraying. In addition, you should exert less pressure with the metal drill when drilling and pull the drill bit out of the hole again and again so that the chips can fall out of the hole. If you take this into account, you should get a good drill hole as a result.


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