Drill Hole too Large

Every do-it-yourselfer's been hit before. The desired hole in the wall is far too big! What can you do? First you have to know why the hole is too big, there can be many reasons. Here are a few examples,

  • Off provided wrong drill
  • The drill bit slipped away when drilling
  • The drill was egging while drilling
  • The wall or stone is brittle and broken out


TIP! To prevent the drill hole from becoming too large, you can first pre-drill with a smaller drill. Then you can drill the hole to the desired size.


What to do if the hole is too big?


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What to do if the hole is too big?

Drill Hole to Large
Drill Hole to Large


Close the Borehole

If there is no possibility, the drilled hole can be closed again. There is a large selection of fillers available in specialist shops to expertly close a hole in the wall.


As soon as the putty has hardened completely, you can drill a new hole in the same place. But you should pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions! If you have the possibility to move the new hole, you should do so. A fixing in filler is usually not as stable as a normal borehole. Another possibility is to close the hole that is too big with filler and to press the anchor directly into the still soft filler. As soon as everything is dry and firm, the screw can be screwed in. You can buy the putty here at a good price. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator


TIP! Fill the drill hole which is too big with hot glue and insert a dowel. The hot glue hardens after a few minutes and the dowel is solid.


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Enlarge Drill Hole

Another possibility is to enlarge the borehole. For example, if you wanted to drill a 6mm hole for a 6mm dowel and the hole was about 7mm in size, you can drill it with an 8mm drill. The larger 8mm hole is perfect for an 8mm dowel.


But attention! Not every screw is suitable for an 8mm dowel. You may have to use another screw.


All information which dowel fits which screw and much more can be found under Which Dowel or Drill Hole for Dowel.


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